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When is it time to call an emergency plumber?

When is it time to call an emergency plumber?

A plumbing emergency can occur at any time and, unfortunately, they more than likely will happen at the most inconvenient of times too. Whether you have no hot water, blocked drains or a burst water pipe, it is worth knowing what problems warrant an emergency plumber. So, when is it time to call an emergency plumber?

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Whenever you experience a plumbing problem, it may feel as if you need to deal with it immediately to prevent further damage. However, an emergency plumber can come at a high premium so it is important to know when to call and when to wait and to distinguish what is and is not considered an issue for an emergency plumber.

Key indications you have a plumbing emergency are situations such as hearing running water within the walls or you have no water at all. These are signs that you have a severe problem with your water main or a potential leak in the system. While you wait for the emergency plumber to arrive, it is highly recommended that you turn off the water main to prevent any further damage from being done.

Risk of flooding

Flooding due to a failed sump pump, water shut off valve failure, a burst water pipe and blocked plumbing issues that could result in – or have resulted in – a sewer back up are all considered plumbing emergencies. Flood damage is a health hazard and will cause significant damage, so it should be addressed immediately.

Burst water pipes

Burst water pipes can cause costly damage to a home and a needlessly high added cost to your water bill. If you ever come home to a flood or if water just starts gushing from the pipes, do not hesitate to call an emergency plumber. Having burst water pipes is one of the most undeniable plumbing emergency problems a homeowner – or tenant – can have.

Blocked plumbing, blocked drains & blocked toilets

Blocked plumbing can happen at any time and should be fixed by a professional plumber as soon as possible. Blocked drains and toilets will always cause problems and stress, so if you ever smell or notice sewerage coming up through your plumbing systems or toilet, you have a plumbing emergency.

Hot water systems breakdown

Having problems with your water heaters is not a life or death situation. However, having no hot water is certainly a big problem and an inconvenient one at that. The solution could be simple, so do not rush into calling an emergency plumber – check the breaker box or, on gas hot water systems, check the pilot light. If these issues do not resolve it or you hear rattling sounds, you should consider calling an emergency plumber.

The team at Top Dog Plumbing offers their 24/7 emergency plumber services to Sunshine Coast residents for all emergency plumbing issues such as a burst water pipe and blocked plumbing. Contact us today on (07) 5370 9532 so we can assist you with fixing any issues that have just sprung up.

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