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Spring plumbing maintenance tips for the whole house

Neglecting your plumbing can lead to costly emergency maintenance and repairs. At Top Dog Plumbing we always encourage our customers to take a preventative approach and look after their plumbing where they can. To point you in the right direction with this, we’ve compiled our top tips for your Spring plumbing maintenance!

Our recommend Spring maintenance tips:

  • Kitchen

Open the cupboards in your kitchen which sit below sinks. Carefully inspect your pipes for possible signs of water leakage. If your cupboard is filled with kitchen utensils, remove these prior to ensure you are conducting a thorough inspection. Be sure to also check your dishwasher hoses for the same if you have one.

  • Laundry

In this room you want to turn your attention to the washing machines hoses, inspecting for signs of bulges, cracks, kinks or splits. If you have a sink in your laundry, perform the same checks as recommended for under your kitchen sink.

  • Bathroom

In the bathroom, we recommend inspecting is your taps and shower head for drips or leaks. To check on the plumbing of your toilet, flush it to ensure it does so properly and also listen out for hissing noises that could be indicative of problems.

  • Outside

Chances are that the outdoor taps have not been used for some time because of winter. Thoroughly check these to ensure they are both working and not leaking.

Of course, despite your best efforts maintaining your plumbing, some things will require a licensed plumber. If you encounter any suspicious leaks or cracks in your plumbing during your Spring plumbing maintenance check, it’s best to call the friendly team at Top Dog Plumbing on 07 5370 9532 for a free quote.

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