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Preparing for Storm Season

As summer approaches so do the storms and, as most Queensland residents are aware, this is the season to sort out the clutter in the gutters. Summer storms can cause problems – major and minor – and occasionally unavoidable chaos is caused by those particularly larger storms.

However, there are ways of dealing with the avoidable issues, such as internal water damage or damage caused by overhanging branches. Here are some of the tasks you should look to do, or get taken care of by a professional, when clearing the clutter for storm season summer.

Clean & repair your roof and gutters

To avoid internal water damage and leakage, cleaning your roof and gutters from the clutter that dwells up there is an absolute must. Blocked and damaged gutters and clogged down-pipes result in excess volumes of water backing up and sitting on top of your roof. This increases the likelihood of water leaking through your ceiling, walls and other internal structures of your home. 

Spending a weekend cleaning and clearing your roof, gutters and down-pipes will potentially save you money and time in the future. It is essential to preventing potential damage and water build up in your home.

Clear overhanging branches

Taking the time to identify and get rid of old, weakened and broken overhanging branches and trees will mean that the likelihood of big, expensive damages to your home are diminished. 
This is a particularly important task to consider when preparing for storm season because it will increase the safety of you and your family – especially during those bigger storms. Identifying particularly troublesome trees that need to be trimmed or completely removed could mean that your home is saved and you are safe. 

Get a professional

If you are not confident – or you simply don’t have the time – consider contracting a professional to service your home. Professional plumbers are experts at identifying troublesome issues with down-pipes, gutters, internal leaking and other in-home issues. 

If you are experiencing issues due to storms or rain – such as internal water damage – it is important to get in contact with an experienced plumber in your area as soon as possible. 

Top Dog Plumbing are the go-to experts for all Sunshine Coast residents. Contact us today on (07) 5370 9532 so we can assist you with preparing for storm season and summer or fixing any issues that have sprung up over spring. 

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