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Emergency Burst Washer Replacement

A slow water drip can quickly add up to a large bill!

Avoid large water wastage and expensive bills by calling us to provide a quick fix for your taps and washers. Squeaky or shuddering taps could indicate a possible water leak or threat of a leak. Save time and money by identifying these signs before they become serious problems. Worse still, requiring an emergency burst washer replacement.

If you do not know where your water mains tap is, find out now!

Repairs such as these will require the water mains to be turned off. It is good to know and will be useful in a plumbing emergency, should you need to turn off the water before a plumber is able to arrive at the site of the emergency. If the property is a house, the water meter and mains tap will probably be on the street, nature strip, or in your front yard adjacent to the street under a concrete slab. If the property is a flat or townhouse, the tap may be inside, in the bathroom or laundry.

Also, please note that in Queensland, you may change tap washers yourself, but it is illegal to change tap bodies in your own home – please call us at Top Dog Plumbing, registered plumbers with the experience required to attend to your emergency plumbing needs.

Avoid an Emergency Burst Washer Replacement

Contact us to replace your washers and fix your leaky taps today.

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