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Love your long, hot showers over winter? Make sure you love your hot water system too.

Not that we can really call it winter here on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, but we still push our hot water systems to the maximum of their capabilities during these colder months. Without the proper maintenance, our hot water systems can sustain some life-shortening damage because of these long, hot showers.

If you’re a cold shower all year-round kind of person then this article is not for you… please return to living your life on the edge. But if you love long hot showers during winter, which we suspect you do, please read on.

So what goes so wrong during these cooler months? It’s the combination of extended shower times, increased shower temperatures and that the water naturally sits at a cooler temperature meaning your hot water system has to work much harder than normal. This can cause the heating element and the thermostat inside the hot water system to malfunction, causing tank failure.
Unexpected tank failure can be quite costly to replace or repair. But there are a few steps you can take to curb hot water system problems before they get to that stage. Below is the recommended maintenance we advise you have a Licensed Plumber perform on your hot water system and when:

Hot Water System maintenance (every six months):

  • Operate the Cold Water Expansion valve
  • Operate the Pressure and Temperature Relief valve
  • Check the operation of the Isolator valve

Hot Water System maintenance (every five years):

  • Replace pressure and temperature relief valve
  • Renew the sacrificial anode
  • Check isolator valve
  • Check tempering valve
  • Check element and thermostat for correct operation

Show your hot water system regular love and it will reward you back with efficiency winter after winter!

If you can’t remember the last time you had your hot water system checked out by a professional, it might be time to give the team at Top Dog Plumbing a call on 07 5370 9532 for an obligation free quote.

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