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Tips, tricks and insider knowledge

What to do if you have a burst water pipe
What to do if you have a burst water pipe If you experience – or are experiencing – a burst water pipe, you have more ...
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House storm
Preparing for Storm Season
As summer approaches so do the storms and, as most Queensland residents are aware, this is the season to sort out the clutter in the ...
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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips
Renovating your bathroom is no easy task – and it takes time too. Here are our top 5 bathroom renovation tips on how to renovate ...
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Spring plumbing maintenance tips for the whole house
Neglecting your plumbing can lead to costly emergency maintenance and repairs. At Top Dog Plumbing we always encourage our customers to take a preventative approach ...
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Love your long, hot showers over winter? Make sure you love your hot water system too.
Not that we can really call it winter here on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, but we still push our hot water systems to the maximum ...
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