Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can quickly escalate and become very dangerous, not to mention very expensive to fix. Even just a few drops from the ceiling could quickly become a major disaster if not attended to. Top Dog Plumbing will investigate possible causes and provide solutions as soon as possible, striving to ensure safety and peace of mind for a reasonable cost.

Water leaking from your ceiling, usually means you have a leaking roof

If you notice any drops from the ceiling, moldy and/or damp patches on the ceiling or tops of the walls, you may have a roof leak. The location of the leak can be difficult to determine, as the leak source is not always directly above the damp patches/water drops. There may be a leak higher up on the roof that is running down inside and leaking through to your ceiling in a lower location.

It is very important to have a roof leak attended to as soon as possible once discovered. A water leak can weaken the structure of a roof and the ceiling, which can possibly cause a collapse.