Sewer Blockages

Top Dog Plumbing has experience in blocked sewers and drain cleaning, finding the location and cause of blockages in the pipes, and promptly attending to the issue.

pipeClearing blocked sewers

  • Locate and trace sewer pipes.
    • Clearing of blocked toilets and pipes, find the location and the cause of blockages.
  • Cameras
    • Use cameras to check for blockages, breakages, foreign obstacles, misaligned pipes etc causing problems.
    • Saves time and money on expensive repairs and unnecessary digging.
    • May also help with insurance claims or when dealing with utility companies.
  • Divert/redirect sewer due to blockages.
  • Jet-blasting – high-pressure water cleaners to clear out the pipes.


Blockages in your sewer? Call Top Dog Plumbing and we’ll sniff out the problem for you!

We use cameras to check the pipes for blockages, breakages, foreign obstacles, misaligned pipes, and other such issues that may be causing the problem. This can save time and money by avoiding expensive repairs and unnecessary digging trying to unearth the problem.

We also have the ability to use high powered jets for cleaning the pipes. This is an effective way of clearing debris and blockages from pipes.

Blocked sewers can naturally lead to messy situations, but you can rest assured with the knowledge that we do our best to ensure the work site is left completely clean and free of rubbish. We are trained professionals with many years experience, and want nothing more than to see our customers happy and satisfied!